In order to be a poet, it is first necessary to be famous.
—Berthold Brecht

Zerogram Press is always open to new submissions.  Perhaps we should repeat this: Zerogram Press is always open to new submissions.  Why is this notable?  If you’ve looked at the Submissions pages of dozens of independent presses, you’ve likely noticed the many barriers to entry: Barrier Press is only considering agented fiction submissions; our next submission window is February 10 through February 17, 2666; please note that we do not accept unsolicited manuscripts; Barrier Press, until further notice, is always closed to new submissions.

Zerogram Press welcomes new writers, established writers, renegade writers, and while we’re not fond of the process by which agent became an attributive verb, agented writers are welcome as well.  In order to become a Zerogram author, it is not first necessary to be famous. All submissions will be read and responded to as soon as humanly possible.

Under ordinary circumstances, as with all independent presses, the best way to know if your book may be of interest is to take a look at the books we’ve already published.  We are looking for innovative literary fiction that is reader-friendly, and has the potential for broad appeal; and we are most interested in work that arises from an authentic core of moral urgency, the sort of work that is not merely sufficient but necessary.

Welcome to Zerogram.  Our doors are now open. Please email submissions to:

Zerogram Press