American Stutter: 2019–2021

Steve Erickson

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As Jonathan Lethem put it, Steve Erickson’s journal of the last 15 months of the Trump presidency “sears the page.” Erickson, one of our finest novelists, has long been in an astute political observer, and American Stutter, part political declaration, part humorous account of more personal matters, offers a particularly moving reminder of the democratic ideals that we are currently struggling to preserve. Written with wit, eloquence, and a controlled fury as events unfold, Erickson has left us with an essential record of our recent history, a book to be read with our collective breath held.

STEVE ERICKSON is the author of 10 novels and two books about American politics and popular culture. For 12 years he was founding editor of the national literary journal Black Clock. Currently he is the film/television critic for Los Angeles magazine and a Distinguished Professor at the University of California, Riverside. He has received a Guggenheim fellowship, the American Academy of Arts and Letters Award, and the Lannan Lifetime Achievement Award.

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