In every era the attempt must be made to wrest the tradition away from a conformism that threatens to overwhelm it. —Walter Benjamin

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Steven Moore’s My Back Pages:
Reviews and Essays  

Historian of The Novel, leading authority on the novelist William Gaddis, and tireless promoter of innovative fiction: Steven Moore’s work is a national literary treasure. My Back Pages offers a panoramic view of modern fiction, presents a gallery of singular literary artists, and provides the capstone to Moore’s four-decade career.


—Michael Silverblatt, BOOKWORM, 89.9 FM, KCRW, April 27, 2017


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Jim Gauer’s Novel Explosives

Set against the backdrop of the Juárez drug wars, Novel Explosives is a groundbreaking work, a literary masterpiece that reads like a thriller, propelled by its narrative ingenuity, outlandish erudition, fiendish humor, and a maximalist, syncopated, jacked-up prose style – a joyride of a novel with one small catch: the deeper into the book you go, the more dangerous it gets.


—Michael Silverblatt, BOOKWORM, 89.9 FM, KCRW, July 20, 2017

—Jeremy Kitchen, Michael Sack, and Jamie Trecker, EYE 94, Lumpen Radio, WLPN-LP, 105.5 FM, Chicago, April 15, 2018

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